Orange Spice Mead

by David 20 September 2010

When I first decided to make homemade wine and mead I found Storm the Castle to be a very helpful website.  I loosely followed a recipe from there site to make my Cheap Easy Mead as well as when I decided to go big with my First 5 gallon Batch.  Reading through the site I […]

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Ruby Hooker Raspberry Mead

by David 15 September 2010

I was reading Charlie Papazian’s “The Homebrewer’s Companion” and while the mead section is relatively short it does have some really good looking recipes in it, the Ruby Hooker Raspberry Mead is no different.  It looked so good I thought I’d give it a try. Josh and I did this one together. I used the recipe […]

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Another Great Use for Honey

by David 2 July 2010

Hopefully you have read my post about using honey to improve my athletic performance, if not you should regardless here is another great use. Honey is a Hangover Cure! Let’s not kid ourselves, were making alcohol we obviously enjoy drinking it, and if you’re like me sometimes you go a tad overboard. You know those mornings when […]

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A Day in the Life of a Bee Keeper

by David 30 June 2010

My adventure started with a forty minute phone conversation.  I was talking to Mrs. Doan of Doan Honey Farm, in Hamlin N.Y.; we talked about everything from tastes of different honeys to where they came from and how they strained their honey at Doan Honey farm.  As the conversation came to an end I expressed my interest in purchasing some honey but […]

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Running with Honey

by David 29 June 2010

I have always liked honey, but after I took an interest in Homemade Mead Making, I became obsessed with the stuff.  I had a lot of honey around and it tasted good so I was eating a lot of it. One day I was going to go for a run and I hadn’t eaten for […]

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