HomeMade Mead

Double Transfer

by David 17 September 2010

Not only had I been meaning to transfer my Ruby Hooker Raspberry Mead,  my First 5 Gallon batch needed to be racked as well.  The main issue was that Josh was supposed to buy a Better Bottle carboy so we could do all this.  His lack of motivation with the assistance of his work schedule made this […]

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Recipe: Easy 5 Gallon Batch

by David 14 July 2010

List of Ingredients I purchased from Grocery store: 5 Gallon of Spring Water (do not get refrigerated) 2-3 pounds of pure unprocessed honey per gallon of water 1 package of wine yeast 3 Tea Bag 3 Orange 75 Raisins Start by sanitizing your carboy with some bleach water. (1 cap mixed with a gallon of water) […]

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How Easy is Homemade Wine Making

by David 1 July 2010

Shortly after I began Making Homemade Wine, I started adding a few posts about my homemade wine making adventures on Facebook and Twitter. It was not long after that, I logged in to Facebook and this was posted on my wall: Well Pam, Sorry it took me so long to respond but here is your […]

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Going Big with 5 Gallons of Mead

by David 29 June 2010

I had all ready started making wine with My First Batch of Mead.  But that was just to hold me over till I could do some serious wine making.  When I say serious wine making I use the term “serious” loosely since I’m learning as I go, but what I really mean is make a […]

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My First Mead Batch

by David 25 June 2010

After I learned how easy it is to make mead, I was super excited to start making the wine. I however did not want to wait until the weekend so I could start the wine making endeavor with my buddy Josh who wanted in.  I had been doing a lot of reading and found a […]

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