Running with Honey

by David

I have always liked honey, but after I took an interest in Homemade Mead Making, I became obsessed with the stuff.  I had a lot of honey around and it tasted good so I was eating a lot of it.

One day I was going to go for a run and I hadn’t eaten for a while, not wanting to run on empty I ate some honey and felt great! It was the best run I had in years.  I just figured it was one of those “good runs.”

A couple days later I ran again and being busy I didn’t get a chance to eat a head of time, so again I did a honey shot and again I felt great on the run.

This got me thinking about what was causing such a great run; I had to assume it was the honey since I hadn’t changed anything else. I decided to try a few runs with and without honey. I just would randomly decide before the run whether or not I was going to use honey.  After about a week I was preaching the honey good word of honey but I was still determined to finish the “experiment.”

After about a month I have come to realize that all else being equal, honey makes my runs as well as all psychical performance improve.  I warm up faster and feel more energized.  It has to do with the nutrition values of honey (Post coming soon)

Needless to say I’m convinced, hell I carry a container of honey with me everywhere I go now so I’m always prepared. I’ll tell you what, if you try pre-activity honey and you don’t see any difference, at least you still got a good excuse to eat honey. Honey has amazed me and I have made it a regular part of my diet, give it a try and let me know if you have the same experience, you won’t be disappointed.

Bees are the world!

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