Recipe: Cheap Easy Mead

by David

List of Ingredients I purchased from Grocery store:

1 Gallon of Spring Water (do not get refrigerated)
3-4 pounds of pure unprocessed honey
1 balloon to stretch over the mouth of the spring water jug
1 package of Fleishmann’s Yeast (or any wine making yeast)
1 Tea Bag
1 Orange
25 Raisins

Start by taking a pot and sanitizing it with some bleach water. (1 cap mixed with a gallon of water) Then sanitize a knife and a cutting board.

Pour off half of the water into the pot. Add the honey, raisins and tea bag to the jug, cut the orange into 8-10 pieces and add that with the yeast too.

The next step is to shake the jug vigorously, the more the better, 5 min would be ideal. This will aerate the mixture giving the yeast plenty of oxygen.

In about 3-5 hours you should start to see things happening.

In 3-5 weeks the balloon will be limp as most of the fermentation will be complete.  At this time if you choose to taste the wine you will notice the alcohol but a harsh flavor.  Place the jug somewhere for two to three months, any time after that you can drink it.

Optional Equipment & Steps:

  1. Replace the plastic jug with a glass gallon jug and a vapor lock
  2. Zest the orange add that to the must, remove the zested peel and add the orange insides.
  3. After the first three weeks (when the balloon is limp) transfer to a second container without orange, tea bag or raisins.
  4. Add 1-2 cloves for some spice.

Pitch the Yeast!

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Adam June 14, 2012 at 11:02

Hi, sorry if I’m being a bit stupid here but I don’t understand what the pot is for? I pour half the water into the pot, then add all other ingredients into the half empty water jug and cover with a balloon and leave it. Do I ferment it in the big gallon sized water jug?

David Mon August 6, 2012 at 12:02

Yes it ferments in the jug…the balloon acts as a vapor lock

mike August 21, 2012 at 21:33

I am also confused about the pot and pouring half the water out of the jug. So once I empty the jug to half, I add all the listed ingredients into the jug and shake after that I cover with the balloon. So sanitizing the pot is not really part of it since half of the gallon is waste?

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