How Easy is Homemade Wine Making

by David

Shortly after I began Making Homemade Wine, I started adding a few posts about my homemade wine making adventures on Facebook and Twitter. It was not long after that, I logged in to Facebook and this was posted on my wall:

Question From Pam LeBlanc Question From Pam LeBlanc

Well Pam, Sorry it took me so long to respond but here is your answer:

Wine and Mead Making has been going on for centuries, long before there was all sorts of crazy technology and instruments to ensure consistency and quality. The first batch was probably made when someone added something sweet to their water so it tasted better and forgot about it for a bit. When they returned they found a fizzy alcohol drink. Something similar to this actually happened to me when I had a canteen ferment to wine.

What does this mean? Making Homemade Wine is Easy…Now, I’m not telling you to put some juice in a bottle and throw it in your trunk for a few days but I am saying with a little desire and a basic knowledge you can easily make fairly high quality wine or mead at home.

Pam, I will make you this offer and extend it to anyone who is interested. If you want to see the process, let me know and the next time I start a batch you are invited to help out. You will be amazed how little effort and resources are needed to Make Homemade Wine.

Pitch the Yeast!

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