Going Big with 5 Gallons of Mead

by David

I had all ready started making wine with My First Batch of Mead.  But that was just to hold me over till I could do some serious wine making.  When I say serious wine making I use the term “serious” loosely since I’m learning as I go, but what I really mean is make a bigger batch of homemade wine.

My friend Josh and I agreed we wanted to do this on a shoe string budget; there would be nothing better than making homemade wine as cheap as possible. We could have bought a home brewing starter kit but decided against it. Instead I did some research as I mentioned in my article getting started (coming soon) and I bought only what we needed.  We both wanted very strong mead so we were going to use a lot of honey. Here is what we came up with.

Batch Data:

6 Gallon bucket Orange Blossom Honey 17 lbs. Lavin EC-1119
  • Tea Bag
  • 3 Lemons/li>
  • ~1/4c dreid fruit

Starting Conditions:

Starting Gravity 1.115
Temperature 72°F

The recipe for this batch is in the recipes section under: Easy 5 Gallon Batch.

Now, I made the starter and I honestly think I ruined it. I mixed the entire nutrient and about 3 cups of honey into a 32 oz PowerAid bottle, drilled the cap to fit the grommet from my bucket and put the airlock in it. The yeast started very fast and the whole thing had foamed over when I came back two hours later to check on it. I cleaned it up and the next day we pitched it into the batch of honey wine.

It started really slow, I figure something I did caused that. After 24 hours it bubbled about once every min. after 48 hours it was one bubble every 20 seconds or so. I’m a little concerned because now I do not know what is fermenting in there, let’s hope it’s the Lavin EC-1118 and not some nasty bacteria.

Pitch the Yeast!

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