First Transfer

by David

It has been a little while since, I started my first 5 Gallon batch of mead.  It has been fermenting along but I thought I’d transferred it to a secondary fermenter.  I used an Auto Siphon, and I transferred the homemade mead from a bucket to a 6 gallon better bottle carboy.  Since fermentation was not complete yet I splash transfered it allowing some oxygen to mix in with the must.

The Honey Mead was somewhere in the neighborhood of 10-12% ABV.

Transfer Conditions:

Starting Gravity 1.04
Temperature 73&deg F

I also added 5 tsb of Yeast Nutrient; after that the batch really took off.

I wondered how it tasted so I gave it a shot; I have to say it was not bad; it wasn’t good but not too bad either.  The tastes were really strong, lots of overly pronounced flavors, but good flavors.  I am hopeful that with aging the flavors will mellow out and if they do I will have some darn good Homemade Honey Mead.

I’m excited to start racking, it was really cloudy. I will probably rack this batch for the first time in a few weeks.

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