Easy Recipes For Beginner Mead Makers

by David

I have been trying coinvince a lot of people to give homemade mead making a shot for some time now. As a result they often ask me for an easy recipe.  I usually send them an e-mail with all the info they need.  The other day this question was asked of me on twitter by @DanWho, one of my brewing friends and hopefully a mead convert.  Instead of trying to tell him in 140 Characters I decided that I would adders the question of “Whats a good recipe to start making mead with?” right here.

Before I can answer this question I have to know a few things, have you made mead before? If you haven’t done any brewing or wine making and you want to make mead on the cheap, there is a great recipe for easy mead.  I gave it a shot, you use a plastic milk jug, and a ballon. I did this for My First Batch, but to see the recipe check out my Cheap Easy Mead Recipe.

If the easy mead is not for you then the next step would be to buy a few things but make minimal investments. for this you can make a 5 gallon batch pretty cheap and with out buying too much equipment. I also gave this a try you’ll want to read that post if you want to make an Easy Five Gallon Batch of Mead, and here is only the recipe for the Easy 5 Gallon Batch

The last option is for someone who has made wine or beer before, but never mead. They have carboys and a hydrometer.  All they might need is some minimal additives, Yeast nutrient, Yeast energizer and that’s pretty much it. First go at mead for experienced brewers try this mead recipe

Pitch the Yeast!

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