Dropping the Hydrometer

by David

OK, so we have all had someone tell us something and thought, “Why didn’t I think of that sooner?” it’s usually something simple and usually not necessary but both helpful and practical.  Well I hope this is one of those moments for you.

Weather your new to homemade wine making or you have been making homemade wine for years, you should be using a hydrometer to measure the gravity (sugar content.) Weather your dropping it into a hydrometer test jar or you drop your hydrometer directly in to the fermenter there is a better way.

Start by holding the hydrometer between your thumb and fore finger. Next, place the opposite end in the liquid. Nothing out of the ordinary so far I hope.  Here is where it gets better, before you let go of the hydrometer spin it like it is a top.

Why do this you ask? Well the spinning of the hydrometer will ensure that any air bubbles that may hang on to the side of the hydrometer are detached allowing for a more accurate reading. Give it a shot.

Pitch the Yeast!

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