Double Transfer

by David

Not only had I been meaning to transfer my Ruby Hooker Raspberry Mead,  my First 5 Gallon batch needed to be racked as well.  The main issue was that Josh was supposed to buy a Better Bottle carboy so we could do all this.  His lack of motivation with the assistance of his work schedule made this take about 3 weeks.

Once we got everything and found the time it went quite smoothly.  We started by Racking the 5 Gallon batch to a clean sterilized carboy there was a lot of bee bits floating in it ( Bee bits=beeswax, wings and a random leg here and there) and a lot of sediment at the bottom but the wine its self was quite clear. As I siphoned it from one carboy to the second I was pleased as it began to look much clearer.  I got most of the particulate out but it will need at least one more racking.

After I finished the first transfer I cleaned and steralized the dirty carboy to make it ready for the first racking of the Rasberry Mead. I had assumed that the raspberries would be floating on the top, making it difficult to keep from picking up too much stuff, I was wrong. When I opened the bucket I was very pleased noit only to see that the raspberries had sunk to the bottom of the wine but that the wine its self had a beautiful ruby red color.  As I transfered the homemade wine to the carboy it stayed pretty clean.  Nearing the bottom the  sunken raspberries acted as a berrier preventing some of the lees from being sucked up.  For the first racking it appears that this wine is going to clear nicely.

Both wines are good, they are both strong and have that fire water taste.  There is a distinct taste of raspberry in the rasberry mead.

So far both of these batches of homemade wine have been very easy to make and are progressing quite nicely.

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