Cherry Skeeter-Pee Update

by David

Skeeter-Pee bottledIt has been a while since I’ve updated everyone, I thought I’d let you know how my Cherry Lemon Lime-Aid Skeeter-Pee came out.

It came out very good.  After about a month I bottled it, I decided not to rack it at all this made making this wine one of the easiest homemade wines I’ve tried.  While this did not affect the flavor of my wine it was quite obvious that I did not rack my wine when you looked into the bottom of the clear Bordeaux bottles I used. There was a lot of sediment, doesn’t bother me but It might bother some people to see that.  I guess if you do not want to see any sediment in the bottle don’t make or drink homemade wine 🙂 Enough about that.

As far as taste goes, most people who tried my Skeeter-Pee thought it was good.  Some said it tasted like wine and others thought it tasted more like a mixed drink.  I thought it tasted like wine and I liked it as well.  The general consensus was that it was much better chilled. This only adds to the appeal of Skeeter-Pee in the summer.

All in all I plan on making some more Skeeter-Pee next year…maybe even two batches.  This batch had a nice red color from the cherries but no one told me they could taste the cherries so if I decided add cherry flavor I will not add the cherries during fermentation.

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