Change of heart

by David

Well I’m still fairly new to homemade wine making; I have had a recent change of heart.  It mostly has to do with additives. When I first got started I thought it would be cool to be able to make wine without adding any extra stuff, just find fruit or something that has those chemicals in them and add that.

I liked this for two reasons; first, fruit is relatively inexpensive, I’m aging buying things I do not have to. Second; well if I was going to add anything I wanted it to add to the flavor of the wine and chemicals do not do this directly.

After spending some time talking with people and doing some learning, I have decided to start using more additives.  The main reason for this is because with additives I have more control and that means more consistency, two things I like being as obsessive as I am. Also there some chemicals that I have no clue where they occur naturally so I do not know what I would use to otherwise get them into the must.

I fully understand that for centuries they were making wine without these chemicals and someday I may learn enough to be able to substitute all the additives for fruits and other goodies, but I can’t see myself just doing that for a batch or two here and there.

If you’re considering starting making mead a had a thought process similar to mine, well I hope I moved you along the learning curve.

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