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How Much Yeast?

by David 8 July 2010

Here is the down low. Let’s assume you’re making a one gallon batch of homemade wine. You buy a dry yeast packet like Lalvin D-47; I’m guessing there is somewhere between 25-50 thousand yeastes in there. (I know yeastes is not a technical term) If you rehydrate it and add it to your must, wait […]

Drink the whole bottle

Change of heart

by David 5 July 2010

Well I’m still fairly new to homemade wine making; I have had a recent change of heart.  It mostly has to do with additives. When I first got started I thought it would be cool to be able to make wine without adding any extra stuff, just find fruit or something that has those chemicals […]

Drink the whole bottle

Glass, Plastic or Bucket??

by David 28 June 2010

As a new comer to homemade wine making I have to decide what I want to do my primary fermenting in.  There are a few options, the title tells the tale.  As homemade wine makers we all will face this quandary at some point. I am going to try to give you some information to help with your own […]

Drink the whole bottle